Should it stay or should it go?

It’s February, and your long hair is giving you more trials and tribulations than double-takes and likes on Instagram. One of the most popular questions heard around the office is, “should I cut my hair?” Ladies from all walks of life struggle with the simplicity and idea of short hair, but it shouldn’t be THAT scary!

There are more than enough benefits to that choppy look that has become popular among young and powerful women.

  1. Easy upkeep – An obvious perk is the idea of less hair, less work! Less split ends to deal with are always a plus. You can ask your hairstylist how to style it in a way that is quick and easy for your busy day-to-day look!
  2. Dries quickly – We’ve all had days where we walk into work with wet hair – let’s look more prepared and ready for the day! Your hair will dry much faster, giving you time to focus on a killer outfit and shoes instead.
  3. Less tangles makes everyone happy! – In a perfect world, tangles and knots do not exist. Help reach happy hair heights with less knotted hair! Hair is a LOT less likely to develop tangles when super short. Go for it!
  4. Save money – Less hair equals less hair PRODUCT. One palm full of shampoo is always better than three. You will use less of your favorite products and still receive the greatest outcome.
  5. Shows off your features – Show off those cheekbones! Short hair enhances your eyes, lips, and cheeks by shaping your face. Let your gorgeous face shine through.
  6. Bed head looks fabulous – A hair fluff is all you need in the morning to give off that perfect messy and voluminous style that will make heads turn. Pump up the volume!
  7. Fun, new hairstyles await – From fun pigtails, to big waves, short hair can be played with! Have a little fun with a new cut, less hair, less work!

There are tons of fun and quirky hairstyles that will cut your morning routines in half! Many people associate the short hairstyle as the mom-cut…you know, the one that new mom’s get to make their lives a little less hectic? Stay away from that stereotype and style your hair for YOU! Long, short, curly or straight, your hair defines your personality! Get the style that gives you the confidence and happiness you deserve!

Still indecisive? Add some choppy layers to your long hair. You can keep the length and play around with the idea of shorter hair!

All in all, your hair should reflect who you are as a person. If you can’t seem to part with your long, luscious locks, then don’t feel the pressure! There are benefits to every single hairstyle out there, so don’t be scared to chop it OR keep it. It’s only hair, it will grow back! Talk to your go-to hairstylist to find out which look will be best for you, and most importantly which one makes you feel beautiful! You go, girl!

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