NEW! Beautify Beauties Professional Salon Style Hair Elixir Oil

‘Tis the season for dry, breaking hair. Although you may skip showers and deep condition in order to keep your hair from breaking, sometimes that’s just not enough. Not only is taking care of your hair a daily task, but finding products that don’t cause damage to your hair can be quite the hassle. Look no further, because Beautify Beauties is introducing a new product that is suitable for all hair types and provides a ton of benefits! It only take a few drops a day to keep your stylist way.

Top 5 reasons why Beautify Beauties Professional Salon Style Hair Elixir Oil is essential for you:

  1. Provides weightless shine and manageability. This product absorbs quickly and is a chemical-free and natural way to allow your hair shine, without the weight or feel some hair products can leave.
  2. Conditions hair from the inside out. Hair Elixir Oil contains a high amount of vitamin E, which makes the scalp healthy and prevents dryness that winter weather can cause.
  3. Stimulates hair growth. It also contains hemp and argan oil, which contain the fatty acids necessary to aid hair in growing strong and healthy.
  4. Strengthens hair and prevents breakage. With all these vitamins, anti-oxidants and fatty acids such as the omega-6 fatty acid and linoleic acid, the oil moisturizes the hair wonderfully. That makes it a good treatment for aging, damaged, and color treated hair too.
  5. Keeps your frizz under control. By using this product as a safeguard before blow-drying and styling, it acts as a protectant against heat and weather. Also it’s a great treatment for aging, damaged and color-treated hair!

This is an ideal step to add to your daily routine after blow-drying and before styling. Rub a few drops of Beautify Beauties Hair Oil over your palms and then comb your fingers through your hair for easy application. We would love to hear your feedback on Beautify Beauties Professional Salon Style Hair Elixer, so please share your experiences with us!


Here’s to a season of happy and healthy hair!

Click here to order yours today! 

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